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3 Ways To Make Your Pool Budget Stretch Farther

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Stretching Every Dollar Is Important

Making your pool budget stretch further is important to pool owners. Chemicals, salt, service calls, and equipment all contribute to one’s pool budget, but there are ways in which one can stretch every dollar.

Here is a quick look at how you can make your pool budget stretch farther.

Properly Maintain Your Pool By Yourself

Learning to maintain your pool properly can be rewarding, relaxing, and money-saving. This task is often easier said than done, but by learning to properly balance your chemical levels, you can avoid some of the recurring maintenance costs. This will ease your budget, as well as give you a new appreciation for your pool.

It will also give you bragging rights especially when the pool will always be in stellar condition year round!

Switch To Saltwater

Chlorine and shock are two of the most well-known chemicals of pool owners. Having to purchase these items on a continual basis can impact your pool budget. The upfront costs of switching to saltwater are higher, and salt also has to be purchased, however, salt is much cheaper than chlorine. Although these upfront costs seem unreal, the savings accumulated are not.

Switching to a salt water pool is easier than you think and it is actually a good long term investment. If you are interested in switching to a salt-water pool, we will be glad to help. Simply contact us and we will get you going in no time!

Catch Repairs Ahead Of Time

Swimming pools, just like anything else man-made, can break. One should follow a routine to check for leaks, cracks, or loss of water. Some water loss should be expected due to evaporation but losing more water than normal is a cause for concern. Periodically checking the connections at the filter and areas in and around the pool can save you money by catching leaks, while they are still manageable.

In fact, it is best if you schedule an annual inspection where you take the time to go over the pool and surrounding areas so you can identify any areas that need maintenance.

Through diligence and hard work, you can stay ahead of the game. Implement strategies to stretch your pool budget today.

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