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Pool Area Styling Tips

Pool Area Styling

Have you grown bored with your pool’s design? If you’ve been a Florida pool owner for years, you’re prone to this happening. Fortunately, refreshing the look of your backyard does not require a full-blown remodel. In fact, you can make your outdoor area come to life with some (and complex) updates!

You will be pleasantly surprised shocked at how much a simple restyle could revitalize your pool’s appearance. Below, you’ll find a few pool area styling tips that could encourage you and your family to use your pool more this summer. Here is a look at how you can “refurbish” your backyard.

Go Green

Many people find plants to be very relaxing. Surrounding your pool with new plants or a fresh garden could make it much easier for you to enjoy your pool. You could also consider plants with bright flowers that will make your pool area livelier. Even if you already have plants surrounding your pool, making a change could give your pool an entirely new look.

If your pool area is primarily stone or concrete, there’s no need to worry. This is still a possible step. You can use planters or potted plants around your pool area to provide shade and comfort. Consider using vines on stone walls for a new appearance.

Add A Spa

Hot tubs or spas are an affordable addition that could have you by your pool for hours. You could install your hot tub as a standalone unit or incorporate it into your pool design. Since you already have a pool, installing a hot tub is relatively simple because the plumbing and equipment are very accessible. Hot tubs and spas can be very relaxing and help relieve pain, which could be beneficial for Florida retirees.

Update Your Furniture

Purchasing new furniture is a great way to help restyle your pool area. If you plan on hosting guests, consider sectionals. But, don’t forget about yourself either! Adding lounge chairs or hammocks could not only give you a place to relax but could make your pool area much more appealing visually.

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