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Planning for a New Pool in the New Year: Ultimate Pool Planning Guide

Ultimate Pool Planning Guide

Conscientious pool planning helps you get the most enjoyment out of your pool while avoiding potential setbacks. By answering the nine questions below, you can consider the best way to approach the project.

Why Do I Want A Pool?

A key part of swimming pool planning is collaboration. Have a family meeting to discuss adding a pool, hot tub, or spa. Take everyone’s thoughts into account, regardless of age. Be prepared for the disruptions of the building process by having a sense of why the pool will be meaningful to everyone.

Why do family members want a pool, and for what uses? Will it be for the kids to have fun with friends? Will it mostly be used for pool parties? Will its primary function be lap-swimming or hydrotherapy based on medical orders?

Where Should I Put The Pool?

Various questions to refine this central pool planning choice are below; but to get started, you want to consider the following factors:

• Access – Think about how your family will enter the pool area and spots where you will relax poolside.

• Sightlines – If you have young children, it is important to have a good view of the pool from the house. Think about how the pool will appear from the house and from the rest of your yard. Consider water features and lights.

• Trees – If there are large trees near your pool, you will have to keep cleaning their leaves out of the water. Trees also may block sunlight, which helps to maintain water warmth (important in cooler months).

• Wind exposure – You can use screens or plants to obstruct the wind, which otherwise will speed evaporation and cool the water.

• Wind exposure – You can use screens or plants to obstruct the wind, which otherwise

• Storage – Pool toys, sun umbrellas, and other accessories need a place for storage, as do the pool cleaner and filtration equipment.will speed evaporation and cool the water.

Is There Space For The Equipment To Access My Yard?

Pool planning must take into account the heavy equipment that will be used to construct your pool, such as concrete mixers, skid loaders, and dump trucks. If there are space issues, pool builders can switch to smaller equipment; but expect that change to slow down the process. If access is impossible, you can remove a section of the wall or fence and then rebuild it once the pool is in place.

Where Are The Utility Lines Above And Below My Property?

Your swimming pool plans must pay careful attention to utilities. You want to make sure there are no power lines or other wires running over the place you want the pool. If they are unavoidable, you will need to get them redirected prior to building.

Overhead wires are apparent, but you will need plans to know whatever electrical, gas, sewer, water, or other utility lines might be underground. You may need to get those lines redirected as well before construction can start. Plus, you want to confirm whether the property is on a leach field or drain field.

You can call 811 to determine what is in the ground in your backyard. You can also get your home’s plans at the local records office or through your realtor; however, the plans may not include all utility lines.

What Are The Local Laws?

Swimming pools must comply with zoning ordinances. Be sure you know your city’s liability and maintenance laws before you start construction.

If your home is in a historic district, you need to know your city’s policy on installing a pool. You also may need to get approval if you are in a research or wildlife protection zone.

How Will My Yard Impact The Pool?

You likely do not want your pool to be in the shade, especially that of trees, given their leaves. You also may need to consider legal restrictions against proximity to the boundaries of your property. Beyond those concerns, the design, shape, and size described in your swimming pool plans will be greatly influenced by your property size and location.

It could be more challenging to build your pool if the soil is sandy, rocky, or unstable. A high water table (see below) also presents difficulties. Pool contractors will need to increase their quote if your land slopes significantly since unlevel ground is trickier. If you do not know whether your site will work well for a pool, you can have pool builders give you an expert analysis.

Where Is Water Nearby?

If you live right on the coast or near a large body of water, the water table will likely make installing a pool in the ground impossible within 100 feet of it.

What Do I Do About Safety?

A significant concern to address during swimming pool planning is the omnipresent issue of safety. Without proper precautions, your pool is a risk to children, as well as pets, and even wildlife. Ensure you are ready to supervise when kids use the pool and that you have high-quality enclosures.

Pool floats and life jackets are extremely helpful to personal safety, but you can also look into safety covers. Laser technologies and water alarms are even available for those with specific needs or who are especially concerned about this issue.

What Are Current Pool Trends?

Pool planning may take into account the types of pools that are becoming more popular, both since it is an investment in your home and since you can make an impression with guests:

Ultra-thin lap pools – Often, pool contractors are asked to install these pools in little-used passageways.

Infinity pools – You can now enjoy this beautiful style of pool, previously only available at hotels, on your own property.

Mineral water pools – This twist on the traditional pool-cleaning method use sanitizers that are magnesium-based, which some say is easier on their skin than chlorine or even saltwater pools.

Micro-pools – Space-saving is critical for some people in the middle of cities, so pool designers are increasingly coming up with interesting approaches.

Pool Planning & Building Success

Are you preparing to install a new pool or considering it? At Olympus Pools, we pride ourselves on creating transformative swimming pool designs geared to your exact specifications and desires.

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