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The Perfect Swimming Pool Hue

swimming pool hue

Did you know that you can transform the look of your pool simply by changing the liner or incorporating different lighting techniques? It can give your pool a different vibe and set whatever mood you are looking to set for your backyard entertaining. Here is a look at factors that affect swimming pool hue:

Your Pool Liner

Pool liners can be very customizable, and they can even change the color of your pool water. The water remains clear as it should be, but the liner color you choose can cast a different color that can transform the swimming pool hue.

There are dark, medium, and light colors. The darker colors like natural blue and deeper blue colors are more dramatic. The medium colors like the lighter toned blues offer a more rich and vibrant aesthetic for the pool and the greys, sandstones, and more natural and lighter colors are much more serene and tranquil.

Light blue colors tend to be more playful while the darker colors have a moodier and more romantic feel to them. There is never a wrong choice when it comes to choosing the color for your pool. You should choose the color that appeals to you the most.

If you are setting a more romantic mood, then you should be considering the darker blue, emerald, and even black options and combine these colors with the right lighting to create the perfect ambiance.

Your Pool Tile Color Choices

Choosing tile for your pool can also affect the color of the water. While the water remains crystal clear, the tile can reflect different colors to offer a more unique hue. For example, if you choose a mosaic tile that is colored sky blue, green, and turquoise may make the water seem like it has more of a greenish or blue tint to it.

Red, yellow, and orange colored tiles allow the water to more easily absorb the wavelengths. That is why if you have blue tones with much shorter wavelengths, they are not reflected or absorbed which makes the water appear blue instead of clear.

No matter what you choose, you can always finish off the design with some clever lighting effects. Not only will you be able to use your pool even during the nighttime hours, but you will also be effectively creating the atmosphere you want to have for all your backyard gatherings.

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