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Why Own A Pool If You Live By The Ocean?

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Living on the coast of the Tampa Bay area or anywhere near the coast awards you with the advantage of being able to visit the ocean. If you are in close proximity, you may be wondering why you should even own a pool if you can just make your way over to the beach. Well, there are a few reasons you shouldn’t put off your new pool construction just because you live close to the ocean.

The Differences Between the Ocean and a Pool

One of the biggest differences between the two is the overall composition of the water. Oceans have high salt content, unlike a swimming pool.  High amounts of salt can cause dryness and irritation similar to the effects you experience when there is too much chlorine in the pool. But you can avoid the sandy mess when you swim in your own swimming pool.

With an ocean, there is a heightened level of danger that can be experienced as well. With the ocean, you have to contend with undertows and turbulence. The ocean has waves, and this can add to the challenge of traversing the ocean water.

You may also find it difficult to open your eyes underwater because of the high levels of salt. On a windy day, the sand being kicked up at the shore can make it difficult to see at times as well.

Saltwater Pool Systems

Despite some common misconceptions, you can still own a pool – especially a saltwater pool – if you prefer. With this kind of system, there is a lower chlorine concentration; it is softer on the skin, costs less for maintenance and chemicals, and requires less maintenance overall.

And despite its name, the salt content of this kind of system amounts to about one-tenth the salinity of ocean water. This means that you can open your eyes underwater without having to experience the stinging and red eyes.

Even though you live close to the ocean, you don’t have to limit yourself. A saltwater swimming pool is definitely beneficial and adds some variety and convenience to your life.

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