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We’re in the Memory Making Business

At Olympus Pools, we’re big on dreams. And big on delivering the truth. So here’s the real story behind our company.

The story starts with the President and Founder, James Staten when he was only 19. Sure, the company wasn’t named yet, or even open yet for that matter. That wouldn’t happen until more than a decade later. But at that time, he knew he was fascinated with pools.

Looking back, there was always something special about them— the lasting memories they instill. They’re a luxury item that every family deserves.

So when entering the industry, James started at an entry-level position – literally the bottom where he worked in the office completing the most menial tasks. But this didn’t last long. Soon he was in the field tying rebar and pouring concrete, plumbing, then managing jobs and pulling permits.

But James liked the customer side of the business. And that was working directly with the homeowners like you on your vision, designing your pool

After 12 years of working for someone else…

James decided to take the exams to get certified as a commercial and residential pool contractor. Within an hour of having his license, he sold his first pool to a neighbor six houses down and Olympus Pools was officially born.

At Olympus, he wanted to focus more on the customer, creating an experience that’s not only fun but more involved and intimate.

Because to us, the backyard is a very personal thing. You have to listen to the homeowner,

understand your feelings, distill that into a vision and with that we create a space together. In that space, there’s a pool. Your pool.

But we take it a step further than other pool builders. We incorporate a mix of technology and white-glove client service illustrated across our three showrooms where you participate in the design of your pool via an interactive experience with Oculus goggles. From there, you get to touch and feel the materials before construction. It’s an exciting process.

The result is we’re one of the largest independent pool companies in the southeast (building more than 500 pools a year) with thousands of satisfied customers.

And Olympus Pools is still a family business that James shares with his wife Alexis, their five children and a remarkable team. Some of the greatest memories have taken place at the pools we’ve created.

These experiences continually propel us to raise the standard because we want customers like you to make memories you’ll cherish and never forget.

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