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Putting The Finishing Touch On Your New Pool

your new pool

You have waited a long time for this day. Your new pool has finally been installed, and you are more than ready to jump in and begin enjoying your very worthwhile investment. However, what if you were to stop for a second and consider putting some finishing touches on your new pool to really make it something special?

With a multitude of different finish options for your new pool, you are sure to find something you love and will want to incorporate sooner rather than later.

Custom Rock Features

Adding in some custom rock features for your swimming pool is a great way to increase value and add to the overall stunning aesthetics of your yard. The rocks you use add a very beautiful and natural element to the pool’s design and can even be retrofitted into the existing pool deck. Cascading boulders, for example, make the perfect foundation for a wonderful water feature as well.

Reinventing the Deck

A deck is not only good for safety reasons; it also adds to the aesthetics of the backyard. The deck provides you with ample space all around the pool, so you have more room to move around and socialize during each gathering.

Lighting Options for the New Pool

Having the right lighting in place can also transform your pool. Colored underwater lights make nighttime swimming possible and safe and also add some personality and character to the pool. LED lights are a popular and affordable way to add style to the pool, and they come in a variety of different colors so you can choose the best one for the mood you want to set.
When choosing lighting, you should also take into consideration the color of your pool tile because the lighting can cause a very dramatic effect depending on the tile. Lighter surfaces will reflect light while darker surfaces will absorb it.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to add in some lighting around the pool as well. Having the lighting on the deck also reflects onto the pool and can create a very romantic and cozy ambiance.

Once you have decided on your new finishes and the work is done, you can get to enjoying your new swimming pool and planning your first gathering with family and friends.

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