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Design Inspiration for Your New Pool Construction Project

New Pool Construction Project

If you are about to undergo a new pool construction project, then you are probably already well aware of all the decisions you have to make regarding the new swimming pool. It can all seem overwhelming at times, especially if you don’t already have a clear idea of what you want.

Today we will provide you with a little design inspiration for your new pool construction to make the planning process go a bit easier for you.

Sleek and Clean

If you have a larger outdoor space, you should consider a longer pool design that is sleeker. You can also have a built-in island to break up the modern and simple shape of this pool design while also providing you with the perfect area to lounge.

Play with Shapes

You also shouldn’t be afraid to play around with shapes. If you have a hill, for example, or you have a much smaller space to work with, a round pool is a shape to consider instead of the standard rectangular pool.

Incorporate the Surroundings

Even if you go with a standard design, you can always spruce it up by playing off the surroundings. From landscaping to the tile border and walkway you choose, you can dress up any pool design easily. It can also take on a more rustic and grounded feel when you incorporate the surroundings.

The View

If you have an amazing view that you want to capitalize on with your pool construction, then an infinity pool may be what you are looking for. You can combine it with a very minimalist deck or patio so that your eyes can focus on the view and the seemingly endless pool in front of you.

Kidney Shape

Even a classic kidney-shaped pool for your new construction can be the ideal choice because it also allows you to flex a bit of your creativity. The shape fits a variety of different spaces and is a nod to midcentury architecture. Stone tiles, some lighting, and a brushed cement floor can bring it all together.

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