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Do You Need A Swimming Pool Sun Shelf?

swimming pool sun shelf

When designing your pool, you’ll find that there are numerous cool features available, from waterfalls to swim-up bars. One of the features that have become increasingly more popular for Florida pool owners are sun shelves. Below, we’ll provide a brief breakdown of what sun shelves are and who should consider adding them to their Florida pool.

What Is A Swimming Pool Sun Shelf?

A swimming pool sun shelf is an area of the pool that allows you to soak up UV rays while laying in shallow water. The feature used to be exclusive to luxury pools, such as those in resorts. However, sun shelves have become much more accessible to Florida homeowners over the past few years. Your pool contractor may also refer to a swimming pool sun shelf as a:

Why Incorporate a Sun Shelf Into Your Pool’s Design?

There are multiple reasons why Florida homeowners may want to consider incorporating a swimming pool sun shelf into the pool’s design. First and foremost, it provides homeowners with an ideal spot to sunbathe, as they are in and out of the water at the same time. Sun shelves are better than lounge chairs because you won’t get nearly as hot or sweaty. However, sun shelves also feature shallow water, which means you can enjoy its perks without having to change into a bathing suit.

Furthermore, sun shelves are beneficial for those with children or pets. The shallow water provides a safe area for them to enjoy the pool. If you’re looking to provide your children or pets with the chance to cool off and have fun during the hot Florida summer, a swimming pool sun shelf could help.

Will a Sun Shelf Fit Your Pool’s Design?

One of the most significant misconceptions about sun shelves is that they require extensive planning, driving up the cost. However, it’s now easier than ever for contractors to install a sun shelf. Contractors can place the shelves in just about any design, making them an excellent choice to consider when building your pool.

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