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Benefits Of Natural Water Circulation

natural water circulation

Natural water circulation is a critical component of maintaining a clean, healthy pool. Maintaining natural water circulation could prevent costlier maintenance down the road.

Water Circulates Chemicals

Adding chemicals to your pool is a part of any pool owner’s daily maintenance routine. If these chemicals are not being properly circulated throughout your pool, however, you’ll simply be wasting valuable time and money dumping more chemicals in.

Imagine pouring pudding mix into a bowl of milk. If you do not stir the milk, the pudding mix will simply sit on top. Similarly, if you do not “stir” your pool chemicals, they will just sit in one place, proving ineffective. Algae could grow, and your pH levels could be inconsistent throughout the pool.

Of course, you can’t take a wooden spoon and stir the contents of your pool like you would with pudding mix! Natural water selection “stirs” the water so that the chemicals are spread evenly.

Water Circulation Helps Clean Your Pool

Natural water circulation will also make cleaning your pool much easier. When water is naturally circulated, it passes through a filtration system. Debris that sits on top of your pool – such as leaves, dirt, mulch, and bugs – will be filtered out of the water.

If your water does not circulate, debris will sink to the bottom of the pool. You’ll then need to invest in an automatic vacuum or remove the debris yourself with a handheld vacuum. Your pool will quickly lose its appeal if you are spending hours each day just trying to keep it clean.

When water sits, it promotes the growth of algae, bacteria, and other microbes. Keeping the water flowing through your pool helps eliminate “dead-spots” where these tend to grow. If bacteria spread through your water, you’ll need expensive chemicals like “shock” to kill it off. And if enough algae build in your pool, you’ll need to drain and refill your pool’s water before being able to use it again.

A natural water circulation system is an affordable way to keep your pool clean, allowing you more time to enjoy your backyard oasis.

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