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What Is A Natural Swimming Pool?

What Is A Natural Swimming Pool?

Classic Swimming Pool Designs

The words swimming and pool are often associated with classic designs. Concrete, tiles, and diving boards are a few of the visions associated with swimming pools, but other designs have been taking the industry by storm. Natural pools have been gaining steam, and many pool owners have opted to think outside of the box.

Here is a look at the growing popularity of natural swimming pools:

Natural Filtration

Instead of using chemicals, such as chlorine, natural swimming pools rely on nature for filtration. A second pool, known as a regeneration zone, is usually placed adjacent to the natural swimming pool. Microorganisms, aquatic plants, rocks, gravel, and helpful bacteria are some of the items that can be found in the regeneration zone. Once the water is cleaned within the second pool, it is then pumped back into the swimming pool.

Since there are no chemicals involved with upkeep, some of the side-effects associated with chlorinated pools are uncommon. For instance, red eyes, bleached bathing suits, and dry skin are obstacles that natural pool owners do not often encounter. Creating an ecosystem, and watching it thrive in nature, is just an added bonus.

The crystal clear water that is normally associated with a swimming pool, will likely not be found in a natural pool. Colors, or shades of the water, will be less than clear, and certain algae is usually always present. Precipitation, temperatures, and nutrients within the soil, can all have an impact on the water within a natural swimming pool. However, the water is perfectly safe to swim in.

Natural Swimming Pool Designs Are Virtually Endless

Due to the regeneration zone, some yards may not be big enough for a natural pool, but when real estate is not an issue, almost any design is on the table. A design similar to a standard swimming pool is acceptable, but these pools are often chosen because pool owners can incorporate their own style into the design. Natural pool designs can be incorporated into almost any area, and they provide beauty, elegance, and enjoyment to pool owners.

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