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How Does A Natural Pool Work?

natural swimming pool

Over the past few years, we’ve seen more and more Florida homeowners choosing to install natural pools. Natural pools are eco-friendly and chemical-free, which is why they tend to be an attractive option. However, when many people first hear about a natural pool, they are skeptical about their functionality. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about how a natural swimming pool works.

The Pool Design

A natural pool is designed just like any other pool. Homeowners can choose any design and water features they’d like to help the pool fit in their backyard. The only catch is that natural pools also must feature a regeneration area. This area is a separate, conspicuous body of water that is located next to the main pool. The regeneration zone features plants that feed on the water.

How Is The Water Cleaned?

This type of pool relies on the same principles as nature to help filter out harmful microorganisms and keep clean. The regeneration zone contains a biological filter through which water passes. The water travels through the filter, into the regeneration zone, and then back into the pool. By the time it reaches the pool, the water is pristine!

This means that a natural pool does not rely on chlorine or any other disinfectants to keep clean. Instead, the water stays clean because it is in constant motion. When water sits stagnant, it is more prone to bacteria buildup. However, when it flows from the pool to the regeneration zone and back again, it gets cleaned. Additionally, the fact that the water is moving means that Florida homeowners do not have to worry about bugs and such critters.

The Benefits Of A Natural Pool

The most significant benefit of a natural pool is the fact that there are no chemicals in the water. This means the pool is safe for everyone to use, including those with sensitive skin. Additionally, the fact that the pool owner does not have to purchase chemicals could help cut down on maintenance costs as well. Many Florida pool owners also find that the energy consumption of a natural pool is significantly less than that of a traditional pool.

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