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The Allure Of Multi-Level Swimming Pools

multi-level pools

When you think of a pool, do you think of a rectangular body of water in a backyard surrounded by concrete? It’s time to start thinking again! Pool design has developed significantly over the past few years. Design options are endless, and there are many unique features that can truly make your new pool stand out. An emerging trend in pool design are multi-level swimming pools. A multi-level swimming pool is a stylish alternative to a traditional pool, that is unique and customized as a result.

What are Multi-Level Swimming Pools?

The name speaks for itself – it is a pool with multiple levels. These pools can be built on a hillside or on a flat surface. They often contain waterfalls going from one level to the next, which results in a stunning project once completed. Multi-level pools can be used to maximize space, as you’ll be building up instead of out – you can fit more volume of water in less square footage. Multi-level pools can also be easier to keep clean since the water is constantly circulating.

How are Multi-Level Swimming Pools Constructed?

Your pool contractor will survey your land. If you are building on a hillside, your contractor may need to get creative with the engineering. At the bottom of your multi-level pool, there will be a catch pool that sits just below the lower-most level of your pool. From here, the water is pumped back up to the highest level of your pool. How many levels you have, and how high up they are, will determine the strength of the pump required.

Aesthetic Appeal

Multi-level pools are truly stunning. They can make a statement in your yard, instantly making your backyard a popular hangout place if you’d like. With a multi-level pool, you can install infinity edges. This is a disappearing edge that gives the appearance of extending to the horizon. Multi-level pools allow you to option to enjoy various views from different levels of your yard.

You also can utilize hot tubs and spas. Although these options are available with any pool design, they become a true accent piece when utilized in multi-level swimming pools.

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