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3 Modern Swimming Pool Safety Features

modern swimming pool safety

With so many innovations in swimming pool safety, there should be no reason you can’t ensure a safe and fun environment for friends and family. The following are just three of these recent innovations in modern swimming pool safety that you can employ in your own home.

Nonslip Stairs and Railings

One of the biggest safety hazards of a swimming pool is the slippery stairs and railing leading into the pool. By using nonslip stairs and railings, you are providing a safer entrance and exit because the swimmer will have a much stronger and stable grip.

Underwater Motion Alarms

These alarms use a sonar grid located beneath the pool’s surface. Since these alarms utilize sonar instead of motion, it reduces the likelihood of the alarm being set off for other reasons such as wind-generated water movements.

However, they can still detect slight motion and movement in the water including a smaller body of approximately fifteen pounds. It is good security to have for the pool because it alerts you when anything falls in. However, they are also always on. To turn it off, you will have to take the device out of the pool and put it into sleep mode.

Pool Covers

Another safety feature you should have as a swimming pool owner is a pool cover. Keeping your pool covered when it isn’t in use will help keep the pool clean, but it will also help prevent any accidents from happening. Just make sure that the pool cover is able to support a person’s weight and it is certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Having a pool cover makes it almost impossible for a child to get into the pool unattended. They will need to know how to unhook the cover to be able to make their way under the sides of the cover or through the top which makes it a safe choice.

With these modern swimming pool safety features, you can create an environment that is safe for your family and friends, and you can reduce the risk of accidents.

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