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Maximizing Your Pool at Minimal Cost

Having a pool is a fantastic reason to get excited, but rising maintenance costs can put a damper on your wallet and mood. The costs associated with maintaining a pool include heating, cleaning, lighting and chemicals which can add up to a substantial monthly sum. Let’s take a look at a few ways to maximize your pool while reducing costs.

Smart Pool Practices

Incorporating smart pool practices into your maintenance routine can alleviate some costs. In order to reduce heat loss in a heated pool, only run your pump when the heater is off. This reduces the need to run multiple systems and increases the efficiency of your pool’s heating system. Additionally, solar covers are a great thing to use instead of a heater when the pool is not in use. Because solar covers use the sun’s heat to warm the pool, no additional energy resources are needed.

Pool Equipment

Lighting, cleaning and sanitizing equipment can add up quickly, but choosing the right equipment can lighten the financial burden of maintaining a pool. Replacing your pool’s lighting with LED lighting can result in an 80% decrease in energy consumption and a reduction in ongoing expenses. Electronic pool filters are ideal when water conservation is a priority, as they save 20% more water when compared to other systems. As opposed to traditional sanitation methods, many pool owners use chlorinators. These devices extended the life of pool water, reduce maintenance time and conserve water.

Maximizing Your Pool at Minimal Cost

Renovations, since they can be time consuming and costly, are generally a last resort for those with well-maintained pools. However, if your pool is struggling to stand the test of time, no amount of equipment or habit changes will provide the results you expect. Renovating a pool is a fantastic way to save and improve the pool. If the goal for your pool renovation is to save money and energy, consider adding an in-floor cleaning and circulation system to reduce ongoing maintenance needs. Since you can update a pool’s surface material during a renovation, plan to install a durable material that will remain intact in the long-term. Using durable surface material extends the life of a pool’s surface and reduces the need for re-finishing.

Making a few simple equipment and habit changes can greatly extend the life of your pool. Completing a pool renovation further maximizes your pool’s value for less than the cost of a new pool. Which of these changes can you make today that will save you money in the future?

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