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Looking for New Pool Construction? 5 Questions to Ask

Looking For New Pool Construction

The fall and winter seasons are perfect for a new pool construction in the Tampa Bay area  Without proper planning, however, you may be disappointed with the final result. Though speaking with a pool professional will provide detailed answers to your questions, there are important factors to consider before moving forward, and you have to make sure you are prepared to make some big decisions. Below are a few of the factors facing a homeowner trying to install a pool:

Zoning restrictions. Not all neighborhoods allow homeowners to simply build a pool on their property. There are zoning restrictions, homeowner’s association regulations, and various other rules governing the building of pools on private property.

Yard restrictions. If you are allowed to build a pool on your property, can you? Does your yard have the appropriate depth, soil type, and size to accommodate a pool? Some pools fit into their yards with plenty of space to spare, while others take up the entire back yard, barely leaving room to walk or play in the yard

Shape of the pool. Do you want a round pool, a square pool, a long and skinny pool, a diving pool, or some irregularly shaped pool? There are a number of different options, and the choice of one depends on the size and shape of the yard as well as the pools’ intended use.

Type of pool. A traditional pool contains chlorine or bromine as its cleaning agent, and needs to be continually tested for pH balance and chemical levels. Many people now use saltwater pools, which clean the water more naturally than chlorine. The high salinity of the water makes is more difficult for bacteria to grow in the water and take hold.

Purpose. If the pool is to be used for leisure, it doesn’t need to be very large or specially shaped, making it the easiest size and shape to build. An exercise pool, made for swimming laps, must be longer, but can still be skinny enough to fit into a strip of the backyard. A diving pool must be placed where the dive can be dug very deep without hitting any major obstructions.

If you are looking forward to new pool installation, take into account all of these considerations and talk to a professional from Olympus Pools for more information.

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