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A Look At Backyard & Pool Privacy

pool privacy

No matter how much you use your pool to host guests, there are many times when you’ll wish to find the privacy of your backyard oasis. There are many strategic ways to go about doing this, and it’s important to remember that there are two types of privacy you’ll want to achieve.

Visual Pool Privacy

No one likes being watched, and that is especially true when it comes to your pool. Knowing that it’s just you in your backyard can allow you to fully relax and enjoy your private sanctuary. If you’re looking for visual pool privacy, consider these methods.

  • Fences – If you have a protective fence for safety surrounding your pool, it probably will not do much in terms of privacy. You’ll want to put a taller, larger fence or wall around the exterior or your yard or pool area. The higher you go, the less chances there will be for neighbors to look in.
  • Canopies and Umbrellas – Just like they can be used to block the sun, canopies and umbrellas can be strategically placed to block onlookers as well.
  • Landscaping – Many trees and shrubs will grow quickly, providing a beautiful barrier that obstructs your neighbors’ view.

Audio Privacy

Just because your neighbors can’t see what you’re doing does not mean you have privacy. To ensure complete privacy, you’ll need to account for audio privacy as well. While trees and landscaping can help muffle regular conversation, there are two surefire ways to obtain total privacy in your backyard.

  • Water Features – Moving water creates white noise that acts as a sound barrier. By adding waterfalls or fountains to your pool, you can increase your environmental sound quality and audio privacy.
  • Soundproofing – There are products available that act as artificial soundproofing devices. Furthermore, a fence with gaps is useless when it comes to soundproofing. If you have a wooden fence, you’ll want to caulk it and seal any holes. You can also add fabric to your fence or walls that will absorb noise.

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