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Where To Light Up Your Pool

light up your pool

Pool remodeling today allows you to create a backyard oasis at an affordable cost. One of the features that more and more Florida pool owners are utilizing is LED lighting. LED lighting is versatile, and can be used in many places in and around your pool.

The lights come in a wide selection of colors and can be used to set any type of mood or ambiance. You can also choose LED lighting with reflective qualities that prevent the bulbs from shining too bright.  Consider using LED lighting in some of these places to liven up the appearance of your pool and its surrounding areas.

Here is a look at where to light up your pool:

  • Underwater – Pools used to contain one or two basic white lights. Today’s LED lighting provides many more options. You can install lighting that provides a soft glow to the water, and add a computerized color wheel that changes colors as the night goes on. Hues of orange and red can accompany a setting sun, while dark blues and purples can be used to add mystique to your nighttime swim.
  • Around the Pool Deck – LED lighting can be used to display certain landscaping features like trees and shrubs. Lights should also be used to brighten walkways and seating areas.
  • In Waterfalls and Fountains – LED lights can highlight these accent features. Drawing attention to moving water is a way to create a natural calming effect at night. Plus, it will show off some of the areas of your pool project that you are most proud of. Be mindful of the fact that water dissipates light. Plan to add more lights than you think you need to ensure they are a prominent feature.

Your lights may take some adjusting when initially installed. You’ll have to play around to ensure they are shining in the ideal spot and at the perfect angle. It’s also important to note that LED lights use less energy and have a longer-lasting bulb than other outdoor options, which means they’ll reduce your costs in the long run.

There are many options to light up your pool. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about pool lighting.

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