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Latest Trends In Smartphone Swimming Pool Apps

Smartphone Swimming Pool Apps

There’s an app for everything including automating your pool maintenance.  Smartphone swimming pool apps are an easy way that you can manage your pool’s maintenance schedule from home or even when you are out of town.  With these smartphone apps, you can monitor the water quality, clean your pool, and even set the water temperature.  So check out some of the amazing smartphone apps that can help you streamline your pool maintenance:

For Testing Water Quality

Pool Doctor, Free on iOS (link to app)

Pool Doctor helps you test the water of your pool.  It measures chlorine levels, ph, and even measures cyanuric acidity.  Pool Doctor takes these measurements and then helps you calculate a water treatment plan.

Pool Pal, Free on Android (link to app)

Pool Pal helps you get the perfect pool water balance.  You simply enter your goals, the volume of your pool, and test results.  Then Pool Pal will help you calculate what additives you need to make your pool water perfect.

For Cleaning The Pool

iAquaLink 2.0, Free on iOS and Android (link to iOS App) (link to Android App)

iAquaLink 2.0 is a system that helps you manage your pool remotely.  The app is free, though you have to buy and install a control device.  Once installed however, the iAquaLink app can help you clean and filter the water, change the temperature, and even control the jets.  This system is fantastic for anyone who is often away from home.

For Setting Water Temperature

Balboa Water Group, Free on iOS and Android (link to iOS App) (link to Android App)

Balboa is a temperature control device.  It can help you set the temperature of your pool and hot tub with a simple touch of the button.  You can also set the temperatures on a timer system so it’s always warmed up when you want to take a dip.  Like with the iAquaLink you will have to install a control device to use this app.

These are just some of the dozens of great smartphone apps designed to make pool ownership a breeze.  If you are looking for other ways to make owning a pool easier, talk to our friendly professionals at Olympus Pools.  We know all about the latest innovations in pool technology, including how to incorporate smartphone apps into your maintenance routine.  So contact us today!

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