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Three Tips For Landscaping Around Your Pool

During your pool design phase, you will want to think about how landscaping around your pool to enhance the look at feel of your backyard oasis. A good landscaping plan can add beauty without causing extra maintenance. Here are three important tips to designing the landscape around you pool.

Reduce Debris

Your first inclination may be just to pick the plants and features that you love. However, certain plants like trees and bushes can cause a lot of plant debris. That debris can end up in your pool causing you to do more pool maintenance and cleaning. So when picking out plants think about plants that don’t cause debris like succulents, tall grasses, or trees that don’t lose their leaves or shed nuts, fruits, or seed pods. Also look at the plants that are already in your backyard and consider removing or replacing them if they add a lot of debris.

Minimize Yard Work

When you reduce debris, you also minimize yard work. Minimizing yard work gives you more time to enjoy your backyard and less time taking care of it. There are other ways you can reduce your yard work while still having a gorgeous landscape design. Think about adding features that don’t require a lot of maintenance like stones, brick patios and walkways, and gravel or mulch. These features can add a lot of functionality and textural beauty without the headache of routine care.

Add Privacy

Another thing to consider when landscaping your backyard is how plants can help you add privacy. Taller plants and walls not only add visual privacy but can dampen the sound for audio privacy as well. So look at the areas that are most exposed in your backyard and think about landscaping features you can add for more privacy.

To create a truly gorgeous and private backyard oasis, you will also want to landscape the area around your pool. However, bad landscaping chooses can lead to a lot of extra work so make sure you follow these tips. If you want more ideas on how to landscape around your pool, talk to your Olympus Pool expert for some great ideas about landscaping around your pool!

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