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The Ins And Outs Of A Lagoon-Style Swimming Pool

Lagoon-Style Swimming Pool

Although functional, the days of standard cookie-cutter pools are dwindling. Pools today can be so much more than a basic rectangle that is surrounded by concrete. The options are practically endless when designing the pool of your dreams. Imagine you are on a tropical island, visiting a secluded lagoon. Open your eyes. Are you looking at your backyard? If you are, that’s great – you’ve taken advantage of a lagoon-style swimming pool! If you’re not, don’t worry – you can be soon with the help of a local pool company.

Is A Lagoon-Style Pool Right For You?

If you are training to be an Olympic swimmer, then a lagoon-style swimming pool may not be the best fit for you. But if you are a looking for a relaxing oasis with hidden hideaways accompanied by rocks, waterfalls, and swimming ledges, then you should consider yourself in luck. Your pool contractor should be able to help you design a lagoon-style swimming pool that is peaceful and calming while still fitting into your backyard.

A lagoon-style pool is one that will “wow” your guests and make them want to come over. Bold shades of lavender and turquoise can be added to the lighting to increase the mystique of your pool. If you are looking for a pool that is bold and beautiful, then a lagoon-style swimming pool could be the perfect fit for you.

Equipment Is Out Of Sight

One of the main benefits of a lagoon-style pool is the fact that unsightly equipment can be well hidden and kept out of sight. Because your pool will blend right into your backyard, it is easy to create a space for the pool’s equipment that blends right in.

Some lagoon-style pools have caves and grottos that simulate a legitimate lagoon. The pool equipment can be kept underneath a cave so that it is still accessible by a walkway, but no one can see it when looking at your pool. Some caves have a spa, swim-up bar, or changing area. The options are abundant, and your designer should be able to come up with a few options that make your lagoon-style pool seem as authentic as possible.

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