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Kid Friendly Swimming Pool Features

Pools are fun for the whole family.  Adults get to practice swimming, play sports with their friends, and relax, while kids get to learn how to swim, play games with their friends, and otherwise horse around (while hopefully staying safe).  If you’re currently planning out a new in-ground pool, here are a few things you should consider adding to make it as kid friendly as possible:

A Large Shallow Area

Even if your children are already good swimmers, it’s good to include a shallow area where they can safely stand.  Typically, the best depth is around three feet or less.  Since you’re free to customize an in-ground pool’s shape and size, you can make the shallow section unusually wide or long.  You could even make the whole thing shallow if that’s what you prefer.

A Slide

Slides are some of the most fun you can have on a playground, and the only thing more fun that a playground slide is one that drops you into a pool with a big splash.  While you may not have the money or the real estate available to put in a big, curving waterslide like the ones at a waterpark, even a quick four-foot slide can be an endless source of fun.

Water Jets

Another classic waterpark activity is jumping through the timed water jets, a kind of fun which they can also experience by jumping through the arc of a sprinkler.  By adding just a few water jets or water spouts around the edge of your pool, and especially if you can connect them to a timer, you can import all this excitement and more into your backyard.

Jumping Rocks

Diving boards are so last century.  A jumping rock is exactly that:  a jumping platform with a natural appearance, something a kid with a big imagination can greatly appreciate even if you don’t go all-out with other natural features around the pool.

When you’re designing a new background pool, make sure you keep all your family members in mind.  Adding some kid friendly swimming pool features will help your children get the most out of the pool, and the kid inside of you may get a kick out of them, too.

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