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Is Your Pool Healthy? Tips for Swimming in a Clean Pool

The weekend’s here and you’re finally ready to relax in the water. But wait! Before you jump in the pool, it’s important to ensure that your pool water is healthy for safe swimming. Here are a few tips to guarantee safe swimming for you and your family in your custom pool. 

  • Use your senses. One of the easiest ways to tell if your pool is clean before chemically testing it is to use four of your senses. Look for clean, clear water before jumping in. If it’s cloudy, then the pool isn’t ready for swimming. Touching the tiles for a smooth and clean surface is also effective. Be sure that there are no strong odors in the area. Always listen for your pool’s cleaning equipment. 
  • Use a chemical test. Perhaps the most accurate way of keeping your pool healthy is to complete a chemical test, which determines whether or not your water is balanced and treated. Today, test strips are the most popular method of checking the water thanks to their ease and effortlessness of use. 
  • Avoid swimming after the rain. Rainwater can turn your pool green within 24-48 hours if the pool isn’t taken care of. While we often associate green water with algae, remember that it can potentially contain other bacteria as well.

 While you use these tips to keep your pool healthy for swimming, it’s important to remember what you can do to keep the water clean. By simply cleaning the pool filter on a regular basis, for instance, you ensure that your pool’s cleaning equipment is working as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, be sure to check and maintain the pool’s water level. Swimming, evaporation, and normal wear and tear will result in the water levels naturally sinking, which can damage your cleaning equipment if water isn’t flowing through.


Whether or not you’re adding new water, the pool must be tested regularly to confirm its health. Remember, a reading between 7.2 and 7.8 on the pH scale is considered a safe range for swimmers. Consistently keeping the pool in check will ensure a safe swimming season and prevent potential headaches.


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