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Is Your Home Ready For A New Pool?

Is Your Home Ready For A New Pool

With vibrant and radiant weather year round in the Tampa Bay Area, there’s nothing quite like diving straight into the water and enjoying the crisp feeling of swimming around in your luxurious new pool.  However, just like any other serious addition to a home, the installation of a new pool is a serious financial and time commitment.  There are a lot of factors to consider when debating if your home can accommodate a pool. Let’s explore some of these factors that will eventually lead you to your decision.

In-ground swimming pools, just like any other home improvement project, must abide by building and zoning regulations.  These regulations usually differ from town to town, but these usually encompass certain setback distances from pool to property lines, septic tanks, sewer lines, wetlands and other related areas.  There are also codes that deal with pool barriers, and the types of fencing used in the swimming pool area.

Naturally, the site of where your in-ground pool will be as important as any factor presented in the installation of your pool.  Here are some tips to consider:

  • Have the location of your pool be in an area that’s open to the sun and away from any trees: Having a pool is an area like this will warm up the water and also reduce the number of leaves that drop into your pool.
  • Create a windbreak, either by building a fence, or planting a row of shrubbery: If your home resides in a windy location, you’ll have to consistently add water to your pool in order to maintain proper levels. This is because wind increases water evaporation.  On top of this, a pool in a windy area can be uncomfortable for people exiting the pool, making them feel cold  A windbreak can remedy these problems.
  • Keep the pool in a high and dry area: When deciding the placement of your pool, do not put the structure in a low-lying area. If you decide to do this, you can experience pool flooding with mud and debris during periods of heavy rain, which can be a common occurrence in Floridian weather.

As we’ve discussed before, a pool is an amazing addition to your home.  However, you need to make sure you’re aware of the whole pool building process, and how to properly place an in-ground pool in your yard.  Hopefully, the factors we’ve highlighted can help you decide whether building a pool on your property is a realistic option for you and your family.

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