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Infinity Pool Designs

Looking for some jaw-dropping infinity pool designs? Well, look no further. We will go over a few with you today to provide you with some much-needed inspiration as you search for the best design for your home.

Infinity pools give the appearance that they are never-ending. Not only does it provide you with a stunning view, but it also creates a much more breathtaking experience and can completely transform your backyard.

Infinity Pool Design Options

1. On Three Sides

If you have palm trees and a hill in your backyard, you can have a jaw-dropping infinity pool design that surrounds your patio on three sides. The pool complex and patio can overlook the water through the palm trees.

2. Pool Lighting

Simply adding some pool lighting can create a more jaw-dropping infinity pool design. The right pool lighting can add a green cast to the pool that beautifully reflects the sunset. This also helps hide any curved pool lines to really make it look as if the pool is endless, and there is no end or beginning.

3. Walkway

If you have a larger space, your infinity pool can extend further in length and can also make a great lap pool. For even more effect, you can have a walkway extended from the pool deck to the middle of the pool.

4. Bubbling Rapids

Want something even more exciting? Bubbling rapids in the infinity pool can create more of a visual interest in the shallow end. You can then have the deepest end of the pool run past a covered seating area to create the perfect backyard oasis.

5. Lounge Chairs

If you prefer to have a more visual effect that also allows for additional seating, you can have modern style lounge chairs installed in the pool. Not only do they look great and add character to the pool, but it also gives you a great place to lounge and soak up the sun.

Like any of these infinity pool designs? Have any other ideas in mind about creating the perfect oasis? Be sure to share them with us!

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