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How to prevent pool algae in the summer heat

mmer is here! You change into your bathing suit, excited to jump into the water and cool off on this hot, blistering day. As you walk out of your living room into the back yard, you accelerate to a slow jog, preparing to jump into the water and then – STOP!

You can’t jump in there! The water is green. Ick!

Here is are some quick Tips from your favorite Tampa Pool Builder!

With all the high temperatures and summer vacations, the environment in your pool water has the potential to lead to algae growth. In fact, it’s expected for almost every pool owner to have to deal with algae at one time or another – but it doesn’t have to be that way. By staying involved in your pool’s maintenance, you’ll be able to ensure a clean swimming experience for you and your family whenever you want it.

Keep the Sanitization Up

For most homeowners, the way to do this is to keep the chlorine at its appropriate level. Too often, pool owners aren’t consistent with the chlorine, keeping the levels consistent only when they think of it. When the balance swings back and forth, algae has the opportunity to grow, so you want to prevent the growth of algae in the first place by stabilizing and maintaining chlorine levels. This can easily be done with pool equipment such as a salt chlorine generator.

Keep the Water Moving

Even if you’re not using the pool, it’s a good idea to keep the pool water filtering, especially when it’s hot outside. Stagnant water is what makes it easy for algae to grow and begin taking over your pool. Consider turning on your pool’s waterfall (if you have one) every once in a while to help keep the water moving.

Simply Use the Pool

If you needed another excuse to go swimming, keeping it clean is another one! Swimming accomplishes the goal of keeping the water moving, and it also stirs up any debris, allowing you to catch it with the skimmer or for the filtration system to catch. Speaking of which, always be sure to keep an eye on your filter.

Another technique that will help you keep an algae-free pool is shocking it on a weekly basis, especially if the pool is in constant use. Also remember to use a vacuum to remove dirt and debris, while using the right brush to scrub the sides of your pool.

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