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How to Extend Your Swimming Season in Florida

Swimming Season in Florida

Though autumn and winter are mild in Florida compared to the rest of the country, the cooler temperatures are enough to keep people out of the water. But if you want to enjoy swimming in your pool all-year round, here are some tips on how to extend your outdoor living season. By following these tips, you’ll ensure that your family and friends can enjoy the water any time of year!

Take Advantage of Solar Heating

One of the advantages of living in Florida is the radiant sun we enjoy even in the cooler autumn and winter months. By investing in a solar blanket, you can increase the temperature of your pool water by 8 percent – naturally. Not only does this provide comfortable swimming, but it helps reduce your electric bill as well. Through solar heating alone, you can extend your swimming season by approximately four months!

Invest in Your Backyard Landscape

Give yourself another reason to go into your backyard other than the swimming pool. Whether it’s a patio or outdoor kitchen, extending your outdoor living season in general will naturally extend your swimming season as well. For instance, an outdoor fire pit is a great place to roast marshmallows and socialize with friends. But it also gives swimmers the opportunity to stay warm and dry off comfortably outside. Create a win-win situation!

Use the Heater – and Your Hot Tub

Investing in a heater for your pool ensures comfortable swimming any time of the year. Furthermore, a hot tub is perfect for those cool, crisp evenings when you and your friends want to stay as warm as possible. Sure, the hot tub might not be as expansive as the pool, but it’s just as relaxing and therapeutic. You can extend your swimming season throughout the entire winter by investing in a custom hot tub!

Consider a Pool Enclosure

More and more Floridians are considering the idea of investing in a pool enclosure, which not only keeps your water warmer by up to 20 degrees, but keeps the bugs and debris out as well. Swimming pool domes are relatively easy to set-up and store, and are durable enough for use season after season.

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