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How To Create A Maintenance-Free Swimming Pool

One of the biggest concerns people have about owning a swimming pool is the amount of routine maintenance they require.  Fortunately there are some new innovations in pool care that can make your pool almost completely maintenance-free.  Here are some of the great technologies that can help reduce the maintenance on any swimming pool.

Automatic Filter System

There are a couple of different automatic filter systems that will clean the pool.  The first is the standard automatic pool cleaner which is basically a vacuum that moves along the pool floor, cleaning up the debris and dirt.  The other option is an automated in-floor cleaning system that uses small pop-up fixtures that will quickly filter all the debris and dirt down the drain of the pool.  With either of these systems, cleaning your pool can be done in a snap.

Automatic Pool Cover

Automatic pool covers open and close with the push of a button.  They cover your pool when you aren’t using it to keep out debris, animals, and anything else that can get in your pool while you aren’t there.  Automatic pool covers are a great way to reduce the maintenance of your pool.

Alternative Sanitizers

Traditional chlorine pools require a lot of time to maintain.  You have to measure harsh chemicals and ensure the perfect balance to keep your pool water sanitary.  Luckily in the last few years there have been several developments in pool sanitation.  The first is a salt water pool which uses a chlorine generator to convert salt into chlorine.  You only have to add salt twice a year to maintain the sanitation.  Another option is to install an ultraviolet light system to kill any bacteria in the water.  Finally, there are ozone-generators that will oxidize any bacteria in the water, sanitizing the pool automatically.

With the implementation of these three systems, your pool will be basically maintenance-free.   Olympus Pools can install all of these options and more.  With our help, you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time working on it.  So call us today to find out how we can help make a maintenance-free swimming pool for you!

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