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How To Create A Dive-In Movie Theater

dive in movie theater

Summertime. Dive-in movie theater anyone?

It means fun in the sun, vacations, and – hopefully – plenty of time at the pool. But what happens when you need to really upgrade your pool experience and get the most from it? One option that can elevate the level of fun you have in a big way is to transform your pool into a dive-in movie theater.

You read that right – what could be more fun than floating on a float and watching Jaws on your movie screen, or playing a classic comedy while the family swims? It’s easier than you think to create a dive-in movie theater that blends movies and swimming perfectly.

To do so, you’ll need just a few basic elements in place.

Projector – This is the foundation on which you’ll be building. Pay attention to the lumens, as this refers to the brightness of the projector bulbs. Higher numbers can be seen more clearly in the light, while lower numbers may end up requiring near-total darkness to really look their best.

Screen – You can use almost any white surface here. A basic screen can be nothing more than a white sheet stretched out over the wall of your home, but you can also invest in higher-quality and larger screens to really go the extra mile.

Sound – Sound matters. The sound quality of the projector’s built-in speakers just isn’t good enough for a dive-in theater. A soundbar can easily be connected to most projectors, but any speakers using traditional AV plugs will work – some people even use guitar amps!

Lighting – You’ll want low lighting to get that classic pool experience. Low voltage LEDs are usually enough to give the family enough light to get to and from the kitchen and bathroom without impacting the video quality in the slightest.

Play around with your system and get creative – you’re closer than you might think to have a pool experience, unlike anything you’ve had in the past!

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