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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Pool in Florida?

how much does it cost to build a pool in florida

For most Florida homeowners, the biggest consideration for a new custom swimming pool is how much it will cost. Just like purchasing a car or home, there is no clear-cut answer. While the price tag will vary, there are some ways to accurately predict your pool’s total cost before it’s actually built. By keeping these considerations in mind, you’ll ensure that you can plan financially for this incredible home improvement project.

2 Factors that Impact the Total Swimming Pool Build Cost

When it comes to building a pool in Florida, two main factors drive the total cost that homeowners will pay.

1. The size of the pool itself composes the bulk of your expense. In general, you’ll be paying based on the surface square footage regardless of the design of the pool. Whether you have a straight line pool or opt for a custom design, it’s the size itself that is the largest price driver.

2. Any upgrades and luxury accessories you want will add to the price tag as well.

Know What to Expect for the Initial Cost

Homeowners in Florida pay $40,000 to $60,000 on average for an in-ground concrete pool. In fact, most financial advisors say that being prepared for a price tag in this range will put you in a good position to get the swimming pool you want. But why the large price range? The cost varies neighborhood-to-neighborhood, town-to-town depending on local real estate values and other factors.

You may want a pool that is larger, has more luxury options, and/or incorporates features that are not included in an average Florida pool. You may also want a particularly complex design. If you start going in a more high-end direction, the pool could end up costing in the $75,000 to $200,000 range, or even more.

Sample costs of typical pool requests from Floridians can better clarify those above ranges:

Sample A. A small pool with plaster and waterline tile: $35,000

Sample B. A large pool and spa with plaster and waterline tile: $90,000

Sample C. A large pool and spa with full tile: $210,000 and up.

See a full list of typical prices for various sizes and materials below.

Things that Raise and Lower the Price of the Pool

Other than the location of your home, there are many factors that will determine what you pay for a swimming pool in Florida. The size, depth, and materials used will all play a major factor in determining the cost. For instance, premium materials such as concrete and fiberglass will certainly drive prices up. While a custom shaped pool might cost more at the onset, they potentially consume less surface area than a traditional pool, which could lower the initial price tag. You will also need to pay more for various features and add-ons.

How Size and Materials Impact Pool Cost

Per square foot, expect a rate of approximately $50 to $125 (depending on materials). Typically a fiberglass pool will cost between $18,000 and $40,000 to install. Concrete should be in the $29,000 to $60,000 range. If you go with a vinyl pool, expect an installation project cost of $25,000 to $45,000.

Average inground pool prices for each of those materials are as follows for various standard sizes:

  • 10 x 20: concrete $30,000; fiberglass $27,000; vinyl $22,000
  • 10 x 30: concrete $43,000; fiberglass $39,000; vinyl $31,000
  • 12 x 20: concrete $35,000; fiberglass $32,000; vinyl $25,500
  • 12 x 24: concrete $41,000; fiberglass $37,500; vinyl $30,000
  • 12 x 30: concrete $50,500; fiberglass $46,000; vinyl $35,500
  • 14 x 28: concrete $54,500; fiberglass $49,500; vinyl $39,500
  • 15 x 30: concrete $66,500; fiberglass $60,500; vinyl $48,500
  • 16 x 32: concrete $74,500; fiberglass $67,500; vinyl $54,500
  • 18 x 36: concrete $92,000; fiberglass $83,500; vinyl $66,500
  • 20 x 40: concrete $124,000; fiberglass $113,500; vinyl $92,500
  • 25 x 45: concrete $188,000; fiberglass $173,500; vinyl $144,000
  • 30 x 50: concrete $237,000; fiberglass $217,500; vinyl $178,500

It will usually add about $2000 to your project cost to choose a saltwater pool.

How Add-Ons Impact Pool Price

Here is how adding different features to your pool will affect the price:

  • Lighting— Often, homeowners need lights to illuminate the pool area, such as fiber optic and LED options. Prices typically range from $700 to $1800.
  • Steps — Whether for safety or convenience, steps are often added. Prices typically range from $200 to $2500.
  • Spa — If you include a spa with a pool, expect to pay an additional $6000 to $15,000.
  • Deck — These generally run from $2500 to $23,000. The choice of materials greatly impacts the cost.
  • Waterfall — A custom installation using actual rocks will cost $15,000 and up. Prefabricated imitation rock waterfalls will cost an average of $1500. Horizontal slit waterfalls cost about $200.
  • Slide — These typically run from $900 to $20,000, depending on complexity.
  • Diving board — If it is mounted at the surface, it should run $300 to $800.

Recurring Costs Can Be Managed

After the pool is built, there are recurring costs that you must pay to keep your pool healthy and beautiful. Each year you should expect to spend $2500 to $5000 for additional utility use, maintenance, and any repair needs that arise.

In terms of maintenance, just like installation, your per-year cost will differ based on the material. A concrete pool, which can last for 50 years, should incur maintenance expenses of $2700 or more each year. Vinyl pools, which need liner replacements about every 10 years, will incur $1325 and up for yearly maintenance. Fiberglass pools have a lifespan of 25 years; they cost $350 or more each year to maintain.

Whichever material is used, these costs can be managed. By consistently keeping the pool cleaned, updated, and in good shape, you will better retain the value of the pool and reduce any recurring costs in the process. Good luck with your purchasing decision – and enjoy your new swimming pool!

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