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How Deep Should My Swimming Pool Be

When you’re installing a new pool, depth is one of the questions you’ll want to answer right away. Pool shape and the surrounding landscape are also important, of course, but while you can remodel your backyard without too much trouble, remodeling your pool will require draining it, breaking up the concrete shell, digging out a new hole or filling the hole in, and then pouring in even more concrete.  As such, you’ll want to plan out everything you’ll use your pool for before you so much as cut through the sod.

Different Depths For Different Uses

You can’t do everything related to a pool with a single depth.  Jumping and diving require a certain minimum amount of water, but young and inexperienced swimmers need to be able to feel the ground beneath their feet.

For young swimmers you’ll want a shallow end which isn’t much deeper than 3’.  This will give children the ability to stand up if they get too tired from swimming and otherwise have fun splashing around.

On the other hand, adult swimmers will need at least 3.5’ of water if they’re going to be able to use every kind of stroke. 4’, or around chest height, is recommended for adults who want to engage in water polo, water basketball, or other water-based sports.

If you’re going to jump into the water, you’ll need a pool depth of somewhere between 4’ to 9’.  This is to keep your feet safe from a sudden impact with the pool’s bottom, and in general you’ll need more depth for teens and adults than for children, along with even more depth if you’re jumping from something higher than the edge.

Finally, 9’ is the absolute minimum recommended depth for anyone attempting to dive headfirst into a pool.  And, much like with jumping, that number goes up with the diving board height.

A Sloping Scale

Of course, there are plenty of pools that see many different kinds of uses, and that’s why most pools have both shallow and deep ends.  Even so, you shouldn’t let something like that limit your creativity.  Unless you’re getting a premade fiberglass shell, your pool can be any shape you want.  Do you want it to be all one depth?  Have a deep end in the middle?  Have a smaller shallow pool connected to a larger, deeper one?  It’s all up to you.

A pool is a big investment to make for your property, so it’s important to get it right the first time.  It can give you a lot of enjoyable summer days, but you don’t want to wind up regretting your design plan later.

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