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How Can Kids Have Fun in Hot Tubs?

Hot tubs are not often the first place people think of when planning pool games. Yet they are an excellent alternative to big pool activities that can be fun for all ages. We are dedicated to our customers, and we want you to have the most fun in the safest way possible. Contact us today to learn more about hot tubs and pool safety.

Fun Games for Hot Tubs

Pool games are a fun way for people of all ages to get more enjoyment out of the pool. Hot tubs, though, are just as fun for playing games and are a great alternative for younger children who may be less inclined toward the big pool.

Many of these games take advantage of the features of hot tubs not available in big pools. Playing a game of musical jets or avoiding floating ping pong balls is a way to get people moving that children will love. There are also many products that exist for having a more relaxed pastime in the hot tub. Waterproof playing cards are great for families, as are floating chess and checkers boards.

Safety First!

Hot tub games are an excellent way to get more out of your spa. However, it is important, especially when playing games with children, that safety precautions always be heeded:

• Children must always be under constant adult supervision, applicable to every situation where they are near bodies of water. To prevent kids from accessing the tub or pool unsupervised, lock up the cover every time the spa is not in use.

• Small children should be introduced to the water only gradually; first a toe, then a foot, and the rest afterwards. Lower the temperature to 100 degrees to ease the adjustment to the water.

• Adults should always enter the hot tub with small children because strong airflow from the jets may throw them off balance. The jets may also scare young children, and adults should carefully assess their comfort level.

Get the Most Out of Your Hot Tub

Most people use hot tubs for relaxation and therapy, and we are eager to help you get the most out of your investment. Contact us today for more information on hot tub safety or to learn about how to install a hot tub on your property.

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