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Health Benefits of a Swimming Pool Spa

Swimming Pool Spa

Owning a spa is on many people’s wish lists. Having one in your own backyard is a great way to spend your evenings, relaxing and just enjoying the night. But there are also some documented health benefits to spending more time unwinding in the spa. Knowing these facts may help you make the decision to get a spa installed sooner rather than later.

Stress Relief, Better Sleep

Spa use is shown to reduce stress levels and result in better sleep patterns for users. This may be due to the massaging effects of underwater jets, or to the overall soothing effect of resting in the bubbling, warm water. Whatever the cause, it is an accepted truth that spending more time in the spa is beneficial for stress levels and sleep habits alike.

Relaxes Muscles, Eases Joint Pain

The relaxing effects on the muscles are a likely contributor to this improved sleep pattern and reduced stress, as tension and strain are soothed and pressure on the body is reduced. This easing of pressure also helps lighten the stress on overworked joints, which is especially beneficial for those suffering from arthritis or other joint pain; but it’s a worthwhile treatment for all people’s joints. The buoyancy you experience in the spa eases tensions and stresses of all types, both physical and mental.

Cleans Pores, Improves Complexion

Meanwhile, the heat and steam from the water are opening and cleaning your pores, improving your complexion and relaxing the nasal passages as well. It is also shown to improve circulation and lower blood pressure.

It’s important to note that individuals with high blood pressure have been advised by health boards to avoid spa treatments, as they may exacerbate existing conditions rather than help. There are some other concerns for the spa owner as well, including: keeping the water temperature below 102 degrees, avoiding prolonged soaking in hot water, and keeping a spa clean to ensure good hygiene and sanitation. All spa owners should take these precautions into consideration when using their spa, but for many, the myriad benefits are sure to outweigh these fairly minor concerns.

Whether relaxing, enjoying stress relief, or improving your complexion, or all of the above, a spa’s benefits are undeniable, and you would do well to consider the sustained benefit of having a spa to call your own.

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