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A Few Great Pool Design Ideas

great pool design ideas

When you’re designing a space for your new pool, it’s important to make sure it’s not some prefab intruder you plop down wherever you have the space.  Instead, you should treat it like it’s an important and likely permanent addition to your house.  For the sake of your peace of mind, as well as the sake of your property value, you owe it to yourself to turn your new pool into an extension of the rest of the lot.

Extend Your Deck

If your house already has a deck in the backyard, then one way to incorporate your new swimming pool would be to extend your deck around your pool in since it’ll give you plenty of space to sit by the pool.  However, you should take care to make sure the addition follows the same patterns and colors as your existing deck, or else the change will be ugly and jarring.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete offers the best of two worlds:  the consistency and low cost of concrete with the color and fascinating patterns of real stonework. The combination of colors and patterns which you can apply to concrete is virtually limitless.  Depending on your house, your backyard, and your personal tastes, you may want to go with slate-gray bricks, or perhaps you’re better off with rust-red cobblestones.  Maybe you’d like a terra-cotta shade with a pattern of fallen leaves, or maybe something marble-white would work best with your house’s color scheme.

Wherever your preferences lie, stamped concrete is a good, inexpensive way to bring them to life.

Natural Stones

Then again, there’s something to be said for the natural touch.  Stamped concrete is clinical and exact, and it lacks the chaotic touch of Mother Nature which makes a walk through the forest so interesting.  It may cost extra to bring in a few natural rocks to accent one or more sides of your pool, especially if you want to incorporate them into your pool’s pump to create a waterfall, but the effect is striking.  You no longer have a pool in your backyard, because now it’s a natural spring.

Building a pool is an excellent opportunity to discover your inner architect.  Whether your swimming pool design turns out good or turns out terrible, you can at least be certain that your new addition is all you.

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