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Glass Tiles: A Popular Trend in Swimming Pool Design

Glass tiles are hitting the design wave when it comes to new swimming pool projects. Ceramic tiles have been used traditionally in swimming pools, but glass tiles are creating quite the splash in new design options.

Glass tile goes well with water, as it creates a shiny, sparkly look that can be added to portions of your swimming pool design or to the entire pool area. Glass tiles come in a multitude of colors and can be used to highlight the colors surrounding your swimming pool or to highlight the reflection of the water and the sky. At night, this material can bring a dramatic look to your swimming pool by reflecting on lights and the water. Glass tile under the coping of a swimming pool highlights the edge and can easily create a dimensional appearance.

Using Glass Tile for Swimming Pools:

  • This option is aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching; glass tiles are also available with metallic flecks to further catch light and refract color.
  • Glass tiles are available in a variety of colors, finishes, and shapes to complement any swimming pool design.
  • Harder than normal ceramic tiles, glass should last longer, as it is more resistant to cracks and breaking.
  • The use of glass tiles will add a trendy, more modern look to a swimming pool and overall backyard design.
  • Glass tiles are great decorating pieces to accent other areas of the pool such as a hot tub area, the water’s edge, the outside line of a pool, or to create a design pattern on the floor or walls of the pool.
  • The most common sizes of glass tile for pool installation are 1″ x 1″ and ¾” x ¾”, but other sizes are available.
  • Glass tiles range greatly in price, so having a budget in mind can help determine which tiles will be used. Sourced throughout the world, including Italy, China, and Mexico, they are available in clean lines or can have a more artisan, hand-crafted look.

When compared with ceramic, glass tiles offer numerous benefits. To learn more about how glass tiles can enhance the look of your backyard pool and living space, contact the experts at Olympus Pools, your Top Tampa Pool Builder.

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