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Four Kid-Friendly Swimming Pool Features

kid friendly swimming pool

Many people who are considering a pool end up shying away from it because they have children. However, children are actually a great reason to install a pool! There are a number of kid-friendly swimming pool water features that will keep your children active outdoors for hours. When talking to your pool contractor about your pool design, consider asking about installing some of these kid-friendly features.

Diving Boards

A diving board is a classic pool feature that still remains popular today. Diving boards are continually enjoyed by children throughout Florida. If you wish to have a diving board installed, you’ll need to implement a deep end to your pool’s design. The deep end should be approximately eight feet deep, if not deeper. Diving into a shallow end could result in injury or death. You’ll also likely want to install ladders, steps, or a tanning ledge in the deep end so that it’s easy to get out of the pool.

Water Slides

Perhaps even more exciting than a diving board is a water slide. It’s become easier, and more affordable, than ever to install a water slide. Your pool designer should be able to install a water slide that does not take away from the aesthetics you’re looking to create in your backyard. Be sure that the slide you choose meets Florida’s safety standards.

Large Shallow Areas

Installing a large shallow area creates an abundance of space for activities. A large shallow area allows your children to play games such as volleyball and basketball. The area can also be utilized by the entire family, granting them a space to exercise and swim laps. This is the easiest feature on the list to install and could go a long way in helping your children enjoy their new pool.

Water Features

Waterfalls and fountains are both great features for children. Remember the days you used to spend running through a fountain in a waterpark? That experience can be brought to your backyard easily.

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