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Four Hottest Outdoor Kitchen Trends For 2018

outdoor kitchen trends

The concept of your pool area becoming a “staycation resort” or “home away from home” is becoming more and more prominent. Not only is it cheaper and more obtainable than ever before, but the design concepts are endless. If you can envision it, you should be able to work with your pool contractor to build it. One of the hottest pool trends heading into 2018 is the use of outdoor kitchens. An outdoor kitchen can make for a memorable weekend, as you enjoy everything the outdoors offers.

Many outdoor kitchens are fully stocked with a refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, and counter space. But it doesn’t stop there. Consider these outdoor kitchen trends that will make your backyard even more enjoyable!

Grills and Meat Smokers – Outdoor kitchens are now equipped with powerful built-in grills. They fit seamlessly into the kitchen’s design and look less awkward than a wheeled grill does. If you’re really looking to experience meats like never before, consider adding a meat smoker into your kitchen, where you can slow cook barbeque while sitting poolside.

Pizza Makers – Why order takeout when you can walk a few feet outside and enjoy a wood-fired pizza? Incorporating a pizza maker into your outdoor kitchen is feasible, making for easy preparation and cleanup. Since you’re outdoors, neither smoke or ashes will be an issue. Using stone or brick can really complete the look, and allow your appliances to blend together seamlessly.

Ice Makers – When you are outside, it always seems as though ice is a huge problem. It can quickly melt, making it necessary to walk inside to get more. This is especially a problem when hosting guests, as your ice supply instantly diminishes once the drinks start being poured. Installing an outdoor ice maker eliminates that problem, as there will always be an abundant amount of ice accessible.

LED Lighting – Adding lights to your kitchen can dramatically transform it at the flip of a switch. An area for grilling can instantly become a trendy spot for drinks with colored accent lighting.

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