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Four Beautiful Pool Entry Options

When you are thinking about your pool design, you should also consider how you want to enter your pool. Classic pool ladders can be difficult to use if you are older or have children. Plus, the railing sticks out, so they take away from your pool design. There are better pool entry options besides pool ladders. Here are four beautiful pool entry options to consider when you are thinking about installing or upgrading your backyard.


Pool stairs can be incorporated into a pool in a variety of different ways to achieve different styles. You can have them tucked away along a corner wall for a minimal look or have a grand entry with Roman or wedding cake steps. You can also incorporate benches and risers into steps to have a place to lounge as you enter your oasis.


Risers are similar to stairs but they have a high drop point. Risers can act as benches as well as entry points so you and your guests can have a place to relax. Risers can be also be incorporated throughout the length of the pool to add easy entry points for deeper waters.

Beach Entry

A beach entry, also known as a zero entry, mimics the way you would enter a body of water from a beach. It is a slow decline into the water that gives your pool a more natural or tropical feeling. Beach entries can also be paired with steps, risers, and beaches for other lounging and entry options.

Tanning Ledge

A tanning ledge is a shallow bench where the water is usually six inches to one foot. Tanning ledges are designed as the ultimate poolside lounging area. They combine the relaxation of tanning with the cooling waters. Tanning ledges make a great entry point because they are function and help you ease into the water.

If you are considering one of these options for you pool. Talk to one of our experts at Olympus pools. We can help you design and install a beautiful pool entry that helps you glide into your pool after a long day.

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