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Forget marco polo: Try these exciting swimming pool games!

While Marco Polo has been a classic pool game for generations, it’s time to splash into some fresh water games. The next time you throw a pool party for your kids and their friends, feel free to introduce these exciting games!

  • Paper boat race. This pool game is unique because it incorporates arts and crafts with water sports! For an hour before the kids jump into the pool, have them make and decorate paper boats to race. Not sure how to fold one together? Be sure to check out these easy-to-follow instructions. Once everyone is finished, designate a starting and ending line and have the kids race the boats across the pool.
  • Volleyball. Consider purchasing a volleyball net for your pool, as children and adults alike will enjoy playing this game in the water. Whether you create organized teams or simply volley a beach ball back and forth, guests will enjoy this pool game! Feel free to create rules, such as only using your head, elbows, or fists.
  • Treasure hunt. Scatter coins, seashells, and other toys at the bottom of the pool. Challenge the children to pick these items up using only their toes. To make the game competitive, split the kids into teams and see who can pick up the most treasures in the allotted time.
  • Battleships and submarines. This game is essentially like tag, except in the water. Divide the people into two teams: one will be the “battleships” and the other will be the “submarines.” The submarines will try to swim from one end of the pool to the next without being tagged by a battleship. Designate the ends of the pool as safety zones and watch as swimmers battle to make it to the other end of the pool!
  • Race or relay. Think you have the next Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte in your pool? Why not encourage a pool race or relay? A friendly race is an easy way to add a competitive kick to a fun gathering.
  • Bumper tubes. If you have several of those donut-shaped tubes for your pool, consider playing a game of bumper tubes! Similarly to bumper cars, players will try to knock into each other, pushing another player into the water. The last person left on their tube wins!

By adding these games to your repertoire of pool activities, your family and friends won’t have to resort to Marco Polo to have a good time in the water. Enjoy!

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