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Five Top Swimming Pool Trends

Top Swimming Pool Trends

As you are coming up with a design for your new pool, you should be mindful of the latest swimming pool trends. You want your pool design to last for years. Choosing patterns that are popular today could help your pool appear modern for years. If you decide to go with trends from a few years ago, your pool will seem outdated shortly after installation. Below, you’ll find the five top swimming pool trends that we’ve seen from Florida pool owners this year.

Vibrant Colors

It’s now easier than ever to add bold, vibrant colors to your swimming pool. More and more pool owners appear to be taking advantage of this. Colors can help determine the mood or tone that you’re looking for your pool to establish. Many Floridians have been choosing darker pool colors to give off the perception of a relaxing spa. The choice is yours, but don’t be afraid to be bold! Here is a look at 5 top swimming pool trends:

Accent Tiling

Pool owners have also been opting for bright accent tiling to help make their pool more unique. Accent tiling allows your personality to shine through in your pool. Choosing tiling that is unique or unconventional helps express your individuality and can be a great topic-starter with guests.


Many believe that their pool must be a chlorine bath, but one of the latest trends with Floridians is saltwater pools. Saltwater pools are easier to maintain and are gentler on your eyes, skin, and hair. It’s easier to regulate salt levels than chlorine levels and often tends to be cheaper as well.

Pool Depth

More and more Floridians are changing the depths of their pools. Those with children or grandchildren are learning more toward installing deep ends that allow children to jump into the pool safely. Others have found that they will use their pool to relax, swim laps, or play games like volleyball, prompting them to install shallow areas. Regardless of what you choose, it’s important to be mindful of your pool depth.


Many people have been emphasizing the surrounding pool area, and not just the pool itself. Adding the right furniture and lighting could go a long way toward making your home an ideal hangout location.


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