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Five Swimming Pool Features You’ll Want This Winter

Swimming Pool Features

Late fall and early winter are a great time to have work done on your pool. You may be able to secure a cheaper rate than if you had work performed in the spring or summer because your pool contractor is in search of work. But perhaps more important, you’ll be able to enjoy immediately enjoy your additions.

Florida homeowners don’t need to close their pools because the pool is never really in danger of freezing. You’re at a huge advantage compared to the everyday American pool owner, because you’re able to enjoy your pool year-round. There are some swimming pool features that you should consider installing that will make your outdoor experience more enjoyable this winter.

  • Water Therapy Jets – These jets can immediately transform your pool into an outdoor spa. They provide a soothing massage that can ease physical pain, improve blood circulation, and reduce stress. You can also add resistance jets that will allow you to get a great workout in your pool.
  • Automated Pool Heaters – A pool heater is the easiest way to make sure you can enjoy your pool year-round. A pool heater allows you to set the temperature of your pool so that you can enjoy it anytime, day or night, no matter the outdoor temperature.
  • LED Lights – Simple to install, LED lights allow you to enjoy your pool at night. They will save you money and are very durable.
  • Solar Covers or Blankets – Just because the winter is cooler does not mean the sun is any less potent. A solar cover or blanket can help keep your water warm by taking advantage of a natural energy source that absorbs and retains heat.
  • Freeze Protection – Even though your pool isn’t in real danger of freezing, installing freeze protection may put you more at ease. A freeze protection device will monitor the outdoor temperature. On those chilly Florida nights, if the temperature starts to get too cold, the freeze protection device will automatically turn your pump on.

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