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Fall Swimming Pool Construction

Fall Swimming Pool Construction

Have you longed for a pool, but fear it’s too late because the weather has begun to cool down for the winter? Fortunately, you’re in luck. Believe it or not, fall is the best time for swimming pool construction. Still not convinced? Consider the benefits that come with fall swimming pool construction.

  • It’s More Economical – From a simple supply and demand perspective, there are not many pools being built in the fall, so contractors will be looking for work. They should work with you on the price, ensuring that you get a great deal on your pool.
  • The Weather is Better – Your labor costs will be reduced, as workers will be able to get more done during cooler days. If building a pool in the summer, the process can be slowed down because of the heat.
  • You’ll Be Able to Enjoy It Next Year – Many people believe that summer is the best time to build a pool. It seemingly makes sense, as that’s the time of year that pools are most often enjoyed. But if you start construction in the summer, it won’t be completed in time for you to get any use out of it. If you begin construction in the fall, it’ll be done in time for you to enjoy it on the first hot day of 2018!
  • You may be Eligible for Tax Breaks – Depending on your reasoning for building the pool, you may be able to take the costs of construction as a deduction. If you are looking for a way to reduce your taxable income for the 2017 year, it may make more sense to construct your pool now, rather than waiting until next year. Please consult a qualified accountant or tax professional for advice about this.
  • Your Pool May Get Built Faster – If building a pool in the summer, contractors may be busy with multiple projects. In the fall, they may not be spread nearly as thin. Your project may be completed faster.

Now that we’ve entered November, your autumn window for fall swimming pool construction has begun. Contact your local pool builder today, and begin designing the oasis of your dreams in time for the hot Florida sun in 2018.

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