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Essential Swimming Pool Safety Products

One of the most rewarding investments for any homeowner is the purchase and installation of backyard swimming pools. Adding a pool to your property will give your family hours of enjoyment and will also improve the overall value of the home. However, it’s important to note that a pool can be dangerous as well. Each year, accidental drownings happen around the country.

While there’s no way to make a pool 100% safe, there are numerous swimming pool safety products out there that can help improve the overall safety. Whether you’re just installing your first pool or are looking for a way to make your existing one safe, here are some excellent swimming pool safety products that can help.

  • Ring Buoy – It’s a basic item, but one that is very important to have on hand. Odds are that you will be able to leap in and help a child if you’re there, but if two children are together, one may be able to save the other with a simple ring buoy.
  • Gate Alarm – Fences are essential for pool owners. But they’re not foolproof. A gate alarm will sound and alert you to anyone entering the pool area, letting you check on the situation quickly before a problem exists.
  • Slip Resistant Surfaces – A major safety risk around pools is the slippery surfaces surrounding them. Everything from stickers to coatings for concrete exist that can help make this safer, and it’s well worth investing in slip resistant surfaces for the areas around your pool.
  • Pool Cover – A pool cover needs to be rated for safety – the best ones can support more than 500 pounds and as such will help prevent accidental drownings no matter the time of year. Look for a cover that automatically rolls out over the pool so you aren’t tempted to skip the process just because you don’t feel like dealing with the hassle.
  • Pet Immersion Kit – It’s not just kids who are at risk around a pool. Pets can fall into a pool and quickly become tired, leading to the loss of your four legged family member. Pet immersion water alarm kits attach to a pet’s collar and go off if they are immersed in water, letting you know that they need help.

These five swimming pool safety features can help you keep your backyard safe and prevent accidental death or injury. Any responsible pool owner needs to consider them for their property.


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