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Environmentally Friendly Swimming Pool Features

Environmentally Friendly Swimming Pool

Those who are conscious of their impact on the environment, today’s modern pools are more eco-friendly than ever before. An environmentally friendly swimming pool leverages features that take care to consider one’s carbon footprint. In many cases, they wind up being more economically efficient as well. Environmentally friendly swimming pool technologies work to curb environmental impact by limiting chemical needs and lowering energy usage. This, in turn, allows you to save on energy costs and chemicals in the long run.

Ways To Make Your Pool Environmentally Friendly

An environmentally friendly swimming pool can be designed and built from scratch. You can also incorporate several methods into an existing pool to lower your pool’s carbon footprint. Here are a few features that you can include in your new environmentally friendly swimming pool:

  • A Pool Pump Timer – Installing a pool pump timer ensures that your pool pump and filter are not chugging along all day wasting unnecessary energy. The timer ensures that your pool pump is only running when it is needed and not using electricity when it isn’t.
  • Use Fewer Chemicals – Keeping your pool clean is a necessary part of pool maintenance and care. After all, a dirty pool may not be safe to swim in. However, you may be using more chemicals in your pool than you need. Enzymes can help clean bacteria out of the pool. Oxidation is all about oxidizing organic contaminates while creating an environment that kills bacteria, and salt can help you reduce or minimize using tablets of chlorine.
  • Invest In A Pool Cover – Pool covers do a lot more than keep your pool free from debris. When you install a pool cover, it can stop water from evaporating from your pool, which means less water is wasted filling your pool back up. Additionally, it will keep your environmentally friendly swimming pool at a comfortable temperature. This way, less energy is needed to maintain an ideal temperature.
  • Use LED Lighting – LED lighting uses significantly less energy as compared to halogen or incandescent lights. This is especially relevant if you have an older home. However, do note that replacing existing lights may not be a DIY project. Please consult a professional in this case.

Reach out to us if you are ready to get started on your environmentally friendly pool project.

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