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Designing a Beach Entry Swimming Pool

pool with beach entry

Beach entry swimming pools are a design trend that has sparked the interest of homeowners who are looking to create a stunning oasis for their outdoor living area. Beach entry pools have become a popular trend that is being sought out as a design option when building a new swimming pool. A beach entry pool is a ground level, walk-in entry to the pool that looks like a beach merging into the ocean or a lake.

A beach entry swimming pool is great for families with small children and for the elderly. It provides a safer way to enter the pool and makes it easier on the joints to get in and out of the water, as walking up or down a gradual slope is easier than trying to maneuver steps or ladders.

The Basics of a Beach Entry Swimming Pool:

  • The zero-depth entry creates a natural beach look that makes it easy to get in and out of the pool.
  • The beach entry creates a visual element of nature through its sloping design.
  • This design provides a shallow water area that is good for tanning and soaking up vitamin D from the sun.
  • A tropical atmosphere accompanies this type of pool entry.
  • Different materials can be used to decorate the beach entry, depending on the look you want. Materials such as composite can be made to look like pebbles and sand, or you can simply use natural stone.

Other popular design trends for swimming pools this year are natural and vanishing edge pools, which are often called infinity pools. Natural pools are designed to look like a natural water source, such as a pond or a lake in the backyard, and are meant to blend in with plants and landscaping. Vanishing edge pools have a contemporary, modern look and are meant to enhance a view of an ocean, lake, valley, or mountain that is just beyond the edge of the swimming pool.

Any of these ideas can be incorporated into your design plans when creating your dream swimming pool. The creative design team at Olympus Pools, your Pasco County Pool Builder, will show homeowners new and innovative ideas when planning a swimming pool project.

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