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Design Your Outdoor Kitchen And Pool Together

The two biggest changes you can make to your backyard are adding a pool and an outdoor kitchen, and a lot of people choose to make both additions at once.  After all, your backyard is going to be torn up by construction equipment either way, and so you can save both time and money by saving up and upgrading your entire backyard with one larger project.  This also gives you the chance to plan your outdoor kitchen and pool together as a single cohesive whole.

Combining Functions

An outdoor kitchen can be a lot more than just a grill, a few cabinets, and a countertop. It can also be part of an outbuilding which has many other functions.  For instance, your outdoor kitchen can double as a storage shed for your lawn mower and other backyard equipment, a pool house that stores your pool equipment and your pool’s filter and heater, a changing room with a shower to wash off the chlorine, or even all of the above.

Combining Designs

Not only is it possible to save space by attaching an outdoor kitchen to something equally useful, you can also use it in combination with a pool to completely redesign your backyard.  At the very least your outdoor kitchen and pool will be connected by using the same kind of pavement around both areas.

As an example, you might set an open-air outdoor kitchen with a natural stone oven set right next to a pool with a long, sloping shallow end to recreate a beachside camping site.  Other design ideas include Mediterranean villas with clay roof tiles and old-fashioned lamps, contemporary patios with sharp, modern edges and a pool to match, colonial woodwork fashions with pool that has a more rounded, organic shape, and a natural look that combines rough wooden trunks, stone countertops, and a pool that seems to be a part of the original landscape.

Although pools and outdoor kitchens are by no means a package deal, there are many advantages both practical and aesthetic to combining the two projects regardless.  A well-designed backyard with a pool and a kitchen that create a matching set can impress family members, neighbors, friends and coworkers, and even prospective homebuyers should you ever decide to move.  And what these homebuyers don’t need to know is just how much you saved by remodeling your entire backyard at once instead of doing each section one at a time.

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