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Design Options for a Wading Pool

amazing design options for wading pools in florida

If you are looking for some amazing design options for a wading pool, then you have come to the right place. Today, we will go over a few design options if you are considering a wading pool remodel or you are looking at new construction.

Why Choose a Wading Pool?

If you have a smaller backyard and have limited space to work with, then you may have already considered a wading pool over a traditional and standard-sized swimming pool. A wading pool is also the perfect size for smaller children because it is shallow.

It also makes the ideal spot to lounge around and cools off when the summer days are at their hottest, and you need a little reprieve. This is a more economic pool structure to choose that still offers you the benefits of a swimming pool, only at a much shallower depth.

Remember, wading pools aren’t typically any more than two feet in depth usually, but they still offer you a place to relax and dip your feet and lower body.

Create a Tropical Villa

If the goal is to create your own private retreat in the backyard, then a pool constructed in the midst of a tropical villa may be exactly what you are looking for. You can have a small wading pool situated among tiki torches and foliage. You can also use umbrellas for shade when it gets to be too bright and too hot outside.

Long and Narrow

You can also choose a longer and more narrow shape depending on the space you have available and the design aesthetic you have in mind. For smaller yards, you will quickly find that it can be a challenge to accommodate a regular pool, so you need to adjust the length and width of the pool to fit the dimensions of the yard.

Pond Like Setting

Your wading pool can also be shaped to resemble a small pond in your backyard as well. It gives you the opportunity to create a more natural pool area that fits in nicely.

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