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Decorate Your Swimming Pool with DIY Ideas

Decorate Your Swimming Pool with DIY Ideas
Designing and constructing a new pool for your home can be a large investment. To make sure your backyard is the perfect setting for your perfect pool, it is important to consider the design and décor around your pool area. Installing a pool means more than simply having a place to cool off in the summer heat; it transforms your backyard into a private get away. Using design features like decking and patio furniture can help make your pool part of a cohesive backyard relaxation space. After you have completed the big design projects, it’s a good idea to add creative touches to customize and make the space truly your own. At Olympus Pools, we understand building a pool can be an expensive investment, but with these DIY pool décor projects, you can ensure your pool area looks great – even on a tight budget.
  • Mosquito repellent candles. Summertime often means mosquito season, so these summertime floating candles are a great way to repel mosquitos and add a cute and fragrant element to your evening swimming. Add these around your pool and sitting areas for a great aroma and fewer mosquito bites.
  • Floating glow lamps. Using glow sticks and balloons, you can create inexpensive floating colorful lamps that will make any night by the pool memorable.
  • Floating lights. Having lights by the pool is a must to enjoy lazy summer nights in the backyard. Transform your yard into an elegant poolside area by hanging inexpensive strings of lights.
  • Rope Lighting. Use inexpensive rope lights to line flowerbeds around your pool. These waterproof lights can instantly make your yard a safer and prettier space at night.
  • Concrete Stepping Stones. There are several ways to make your own concrete stepping stones for your backyard pool area. These are not only stylish but also useful to get to and from the pool. One option is to use rubber doormats to create intricate patterns for your stepping stones.
Use these ideas to help make your new pool area a great place to relax and unwind while also saving money. Contact Olympus Pools today to find out more about how to transform your backyard into a paradise by designing and installing a customized pool.

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