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Coolest Swimming Pool Gadgets for 2015

Are you the type who likes nifty gadgets? These swimming pool gadgets are all new for 2015, and they offer some pretty cool functions. Don’t worry, they’re all meant for pool-side lounging, so they can take a few splashes. Get your summer started with these nifty inventions:
  • Waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Want to listen to your favorite summer soundtrack, but don’t want to worry about your stereo equipment getting damaged by a wayward splash? The EcoXbt Waterproof speaker can sit right alongside the pool with you without a worry, and if it falls in, don’t panic – it floats! Best of all, it’s Bluetooth, so you can answer phone calls without having to keep your phone anywhere near the water.
  • An affordable underwater camera. The Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15 lets you shoot videos underwater, so whether you’re videotaping your kids enjoying a hot summer day or you want to show off a new dive, this camera is ready for it. It shoots in ultra HD and is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can send videos from the water to your computer.
  • A giant party float. If you have a big pool and love entertaining, the Fiesta Island float is a great investment for pool parties. This huge float fits up to 8 adults, has 8 cup holders, and features a detachable cooler to keep your drinks cold.
  • Light-up pool stools. These LED Pool Stools light up under the water of your pool bar like bright mushrooms. Their height is adjustable, so they fit comfortable in shallow ends from 3-4 feet. They have a handful of different light settings and colors, all operated by remote.
  • A smart pool. Your home security system and maybe your entire property is already automated, so why not add your pool? The iAqualink lets you control every aspect of your pool from your smart phone. You can adjust the lights, temperature of your hot tub, water jets, and waterfalls. You can even tell your pool cleaning system when to turn on. Pool care just got much, much easier.
  • A bean bag that floats. Pop your old vinyl pool loungers and get your hands on one of these Pool Bean Bags. These bean bags can be dropped right in without needing to inflate them. They’re filled with thousands of floating foam pellets, so it feels just like lounging in a bean bag. Best of all, they are made out of a quick-drying and comfortable fabric, so you don’t have to wrestle with them like you do slippery vinyl floats.

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