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Convert Your Pool to Salt and Save

Convert Your Pool to Salt

These days, many people are considering converting from chlorinated swimming pools to saltwater pools. The benefits of swimming in clear, salty water versus harsh chlorinated water convince savvy consumers that it is the better option after just one swim. Although saltwater conversion has its detractors, nearly everyone agrees that the benefits of switching to salt water far outweigh the drawbacks. Here we will take a quick look at just a couple of these benefits.

Cost Savings

While the amount of capital outlay required to make the conversion from chlorine to salt can seem significant, many experts believe that this up-front cost pays for itself in a couple of years. Estimated at $1300 to $1500, saltwater conversion is no small amount, but once the conversion from chlorine to salt is complete, you will never again have to purchase costly chemicals –  just good old salt. Given the rising cost of these chemicals, the conversion could easily pay for itself in a short time.

Environmental Friendliness

Saltwater is undeniably much friendlier to the environment than water that has been treated with harsh chemicals. Converting to saltwater is also more conducive to good health, as it reduces the exposure of swimmers’ bodies to chlorine, which is a skin and eye irritant. The environmental savings of switching to saltwater should be enough to justify the one-time expense alone, but combined with all the other benefits, it becomes almost a no-brainer.


In general, people tend to enjoy swimming in saltwater pools much more than chlorine pools, which would result in your pool getting more use. Since swimming is the perfect exercise, that means you and your family are more likely to achieve better health just by switching to saltwater. And how much is the health of your family worth?

People who have made the conversion are continually raving about the improvements they have experienced in the enjoyment of their pools. From the less harsh water to money savings, they are thrilled with their saltwater pools. If you want to join the satisfied ranks of saltwater pool owners, now might be just the right time to get a conversion kit and get started!

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